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Fan Controller FC9 (4 Channels)

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The Lamptron FC9 is here with 50w of pure power per channel,  One of the highest wattage controllers ever released! smooth throttle control over four channels for a new control experience! Up to seven different colors of choice for LED lights!



  • Dimension:148.5mm*42.5mm*75mm(5.25″ Bay)
  • Power Output:Up to 50 watts per channel
  • Control Channel:4 Channels
  • LED Color Available:White, Blue, Green, Cyan, Red, Purple, Yellow
  • Panel Color Available:Black Anodized/Silver
  • DC Input:3 X +12v (Standard 4 Pin Molex)
  • DC Output:0V- 12V DC
  • Fan Connectors:4 X 3-pin connectors
  • Recommend PSU wattage: 600w or higher
  • 01 Year Warranty



  • CNC Milled Front Panel
  • Up to 50 watts per channel
  • Throttle Control Operation
  • Seven LED color choices


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